How to take the photographs off the wall

De-installation with Devora Neumark
Projektraum Kunsthalle Bern 28. 6. 1998

  1-2 Wet the paper with a sponge (about 5 minutes). The paper has to be completely soaked
(bubbles are a good sign).
3 Wait for about 5 minutes to let the paper
really absorb the water and expand properly.
(You may need to spot wet some of the areas during this time)

4-7 Starting at one corner of the paper,peel back carefully .Always check the back of the paper to make sure that the paper is not splitting. If it does, very gently,with an exacto knife, scrape the sticking part of the paper off the wall until you can continue peeling the photograph off in one go. The tiny splits should never be allowed to get to the rip stage. If possible, two people could work on the de-installation. One person pulls and rolls the paper up as they go, the other checks for rips along the back. If only one person is available, the going should be slow enough to be smooth. Once the entire photograph is off the wall, it should be in a roll-image side in.

8 Unroll the paper onto a plastic sheeting, with image side up.
  9 Let the photograph dry over night and then roll them up image side in for shipping.